About Us


AKARUI was founded on the belief of energy conservation and helping preserve our planet. We believe thoroughly in LED technology and its’ numerous beneficial facets. It acts as a superior method of lighting for almost any operation, without any of the drawbacks. It also provides safety, longevity and durability. And we want to emphasise those qualities by offering you top-of-the-class products. In this era of 24/7 consumerism, we abide by the principles of providing alternate solutions. Saving energy is of huge importance. Future generations depend on the sustainability of the present. Switching to LED’s, we believe can make a big difference overall and by putting one step in front of the other, we can reach desired goals. By 2027, it’s proven that the widespread use of LED’s can save about 348 TWh worldwide, and we aim to contribute to that.

LED Usage

It’s ideal for retail manufacturers, store owners and even offices to equip themselves with the latest LED technology. It would go a long way to help them in maintaining cost efficiency in the workplace, whilst keeping the places lit for an extended duration of time in the case of retail outlets and big industries.

Cost controlling can be a huge added advantage in terms of people who run factories and large scale industrial operations. It also keeps them safe, since there is no form of radiation being released. LED’s aid in keeping people working under intense conditions. Using of Led’s also help the overall mission to reduce carbon emissions.

LED’s make homes safer, look better and reduce its overall expenditure. It is a must to educate people from different walks of life to adopt LED and  it adds to the collective mission of energy conservation and improved efficiency. It’s a good tradition that can act as a great introduction to pro-nature causes for your friends and family.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To create top of the line LED products for our customers, that provide a large degree of satisfaction and emphasize the positive qualities of LED’s and the importance of energy conservation.

Our Vision

To be known as one of the leading purveyors of LED in India. Our brand name should be synonymous with impeccable quality, consistency and trust. We strive towards acquiring an elevated status amongst our peers.

Our Values

The principles of conservation and efficiency are inclusive in our central beliefs. We want to play our part in the overall safekeeping of the planet. We hope to emphasize the said values through producing the finest lighting solutions.

Mr. Chopra, Industrialist

Akarui lighting solutions played a very crucial role in making my factory what it is today. The LED lights add soul to my space, making it the perfect working environment.


Mrs. Sheetal John, Homemaker

On a personal level, I’m an all-LED user. I chose Akarui for my home as the products are very promising. Especially since they manufacture products for leading brands


Mr. Amar, Architect

Any time the question of lighting is asked by my clients, I immediately vouch for LED’s. Akarui has provided me with the best lights, which no other brand can give me.


Ms. Neha Raj, Retailer

I started using LED products on my recently built four storied building through AKARUI and it’s been wonderful in cutting costs and making them lit for as long as I want.


Mr. Ravi K, Fashion designer

I was very impressed from the moment I saw the packaging to the moment I tested the products in my office. Energy efficiency at its best, since day one.


Mr. Viswas, Contractor

Akarui’s design, quality and packaging is the more efficient and effective ones I’ve seen so far. Being a contractor I come across products every day, but Akarui is my favorite.


Our Strengths

We employ trained, experienced professionals who are experts in research and development, conceptualization and product manufacture. Our production involves calibration, measurement and ensuring the consistency of our high standards.





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