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Efficiency and conservatism are our central ethos. We promote this concept by manufacturing LED products of the highest possible quality and create satisfaction while spreading awareness. We are in the business of energy conservation and its promotion across our clientele.

Why LED?


LED lasts more than 4 or 5 times longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs, and requires lesser electricity. This automatically makes it significantly easier on your pocket. Whether you’re a homemaker or someone running an industrial operation. It provides you with optimum flexibility in fiscal terms.


LED’s provide more colour options to you than ordinary lighting and do not wash out. This provides you with a richer, more varied colour palette for your home, workplace or business. Make your environment have more variety while giving yourself more stylish options every day.


Adoption of LED implies that you’re contributing in saving energy. LED consumes 90% lesser power than ordinary bulbs. Which means that you consume less energy and get more productivity out of your usual usage. This can be beneficial for your home and businesses.


LED’s are 100% recyclable. This is and can be a massive boost to the environment. They can help you reduce your carbon footprint by a third and they run perfectly under various degrees of temperatures. This fantastic durability make LED’s suited for those who live in extreme conditions.


There is low risk involved with LED lights. There is no CO2, IV or Infrared emissions whatsoever. They are completely mercury free and free of inventory spoilage. Adoption of LED means a safer and eco-friendly environment for you. It is ideal for homemakers and families with young children.


LED’s are of a smaller size and start at full brightness. Needing no backup lighting and with the ability to be applied to hard to reach places, LED’s are the future. They can withstand  large amounts of external shock and don’t break easily. Therefore they can be carried around easily.

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Environment friendliness is more than just a periphery to our central service. It is more of a root cause. Our central business motto is based upon the foundation of being philanthropic towards nature. We don’t want to just sell you LED products, we want to help make sure you understand why they work and why they’re important. That’s our only perspective and what we strive towards. We base ourselves on:

  • Being pro-environment
  • Being ethical about our operations
  • Emphasizing the efficiency and safety of our products
  • Being responsive and sensitive to our customer’s needs
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Live and breathe LED. Switch to LED for your home, offices and industrial operations whether it is a warehouse or a factory. By doing so, enjoy the benefits of decreased electricity costs and improved efficiency.

Schools & Colleges

Make learning brighter by improving the places that provide it. LED usage in government schools, colleges, hostels etc. can help in cost control and more efficient running of the said institutions. Aid in facilitating learning.

Street Lighting

Shed light to the world by the adoption of LED’s that ensure that there are more streetlights in every nook and cranny. Thus, making sure a large number of residential areas are safe and well-lit for the public.

Hotels & Hospitals

A bright temporary home is what LED’s give public places with optimum lighting options, which helps in making the customers feel safe and comfortable. It increases the overall appearance of any place.