Surface Ceiling Mount

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Product Description

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Surface ceiling mounts are great for both commercial and residential applications. When dimmed, it creates a soft and comfortable atmosphere and at full power it provides unmatched focus.

Technical Specifications

Product Code Power Finish Colour
AOCM01 18 W G.Grey W.White
AOCM02 18 W G.Grey W.White
AOCM03 8 W G.Grey W.White
AOCM04 12 W G.Grey W.White
AOCM05 18 W G.Grey W.White
AOCM06 12 W White C.White
AOCM07 18 W White C.White
AOCM08 12 W White C.White
AOCM09 18 W White C.White
AOCM10 10 W G.Grey C.White
AOCM11 25 W G.Grey C.White
AOCM12 20 W G.Grey N.White


Additional Information


Black, Blue, Green


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