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Recess panel lights are very reliable, environment-friendly,easy to install with high lumen output. They are ideal for offices, commercial spaces and homes with long life cycle.

Technical Specifications

Product Wattage Code Dimension
Slim side lite panels – Vega-Square/Round
3W APLRSQX003X 75*75, H-23
6W APLRSQX006X 105*105, H-23
9W APLRSQX009X 135*135, H-23
12W APLRSQX012X 155*155, H-23
15W APLRSQX015X 155*155, H-23
18W APLRSQX018X 210*210, H-23
22W APLRSQX022X 225*225, H-25
30W APLRSQX030X 300*300, H-22
3W APLRRDX003X ϕ 75, H-23
6W APLRRDX006X ϕ 105, H-23
9W APLRRDX009X ϕ 135, H-23
12W APLRRDX012X ϕ 155, H-23
15W APLRRDX015X ϕ 155, H-23
18W APLRRDX018X ϕ 210, H-23
22W APLRRDX022X ϕ 225, H-25
30W APLRRDX030X ϕ 300, H-22
Ultra slim panels lights – Leda-Square/Round
6W ASMMSQX006V 70*70, H-30
12W ASMMSQX012V 130*130, H-30
18W ASMMSQX018V 155*155, H-30
24W ASMMSQX024V 210*210, H-30
6W ASMMRDX006V ϕ 70, H-30
12W ASMMRDX012V ϕ 130, H-30
18W ASMMRDX018V ϕ 155, H-30
24W ASMMRDX024V ϕ 210, H-30
SMD Backlight Panels – Lyra-Square/Round
6W APLRSQX006B 77*77, H-32
12W APLRSQX012B 108*108, H-32
18W APLRSQX018B 158*158, H-32
24W APLRSQX024B 213*213, H-32
6W APLRRDX006B ϕ 77, H-32
12W APLRRDX012B ϕ 108, H-32
18W APLRRDX018B ϕ 158, H-32
24W APLRRDX024B ϕ 213, H-32
Back light recess panels
18W APLM111018X 1*1 Ft.
36W APLM211036X 1*2 Ft.
50W APLM411054X 1*4 Ft.
36W ADLM221036C 2*2 Ft.
Slim Panel light
30W APLRSQX030X 1*1 Ft.
36W APLM211036E 1*2 Ft.
40W AIPL02 1*4 Ft.
40W AIPL01 2*2 Ft.



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