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Technical Specification

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Inground uplights come with a wide variety of choices and are best suited for shopping and pedestrian areas, gardens and parks. They have a low maintenance, long life cycle and high quality output.

Technical Specifications

Product Code Power Finish CCT MRP
AOIU01 0.5 W B.Alu. W.White  1175/-
AOIU01 0.5 W B.Alu. Blue  1175/-
AOIU02/1 1W-1way G.Grey W.White  2025/-
AOIU02/2 1W-2way G.Grey W.White  2025/-
AOIU02/3 1W-3way G.Grey W.White  2025/-
AOIU02/4 1W-4way G.Grey W.White  2025/-
AOIU03 0.5 W S.Steel W.White  1025/-
AOIU04 0.5 W S.Steel RGB  1275/-
AOIU05 1 W S.Steel W.White  1450/-
AOIU06 3 W S.Steel W.White  2500/-
AOIU07 6 W S.Steel W.White  3275/-
AOIU08 9 W S.Steel W.White  3700/-
AOIU09 12 W S.Steel W.White  4800/-