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Technical Specification

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An exceptional LED lighting solution with high energy savings, minimal maintenance and increased safety compared to other lights used in similar applications.

Technical Specifications

Product Code Wattage
COB Hibay light – Luster
AHBMCB1050X 50 W
AHBMCB1100X 100 W
AHBMCB1150X 150 W
SMD Hibay light without lens – Victory
AHBRML1050V 50 W
AHBRML1080V 80 W
AHBRML1100V 100 W
AHBRML1120V 120 W
AHBRML1150V 150 W
AHBRML1180V 180 W
AHBRML1200V 200 W
SMD Hibay light with lens – Victory
AHBMML1050V 50 W
AHBMML1080V 80 W
AHBMML1100V 100 W
AHBMML1120V 120 W
AHBMML1150V 150 W
AHBMML1180V 180 W
AHBMML1200V 200 W
Well Glass High bay light
AWGMXX1030X 30 W
AWGMXX1040X 40 W